O mně

Capturing beauty and human nature in every of its moments is a life´s mission for Pavlina Faragová. She has been dedicated to photography since the age of 16 and although it initially seemed to be simply one of her many artistic hobbies, her camera has grown on her gradually, becoming her bread and butter.

She studied photography under the direction of Ing. Petr Zatloukal at Palacky University in Olomouc. Then she successfully underwent a course accredited by the Ministry of Education titled "Photographer – the Photojournalist" at the School of Creative Photography under the leadership of Mga. Ing. Miroslav Nemecek, followed by other training courses which enabled her to develop her technical and aesthetic skills of photography and broaden her creative talent.

A fine-eye helps the lover of beauty to portray not only external prettiness but to highlight assets that are not apparent at a first glance. Like all of us, she is surrounded by matters of contemporary world such as frailty of internal vs. external beauty, self-acceptance, charisma, strength, humility, adjustment, perseverance, circulation... Those are the very topics, each bursting with emotions, that she is trying to capture sensitively in order to convey the delicate image to the viewer.

She is based in Znojmo but being the travel and advanture enthusiast she is, Pavlina will be happy to come see and work with you anywhere in the Czech Republic or around the world.